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cupcake  powers  ProgComp, the UNSW High Schools Programming Competition.

It provides services to Australian schools to help students develop and hone their skills in thinking about and implementing algorithms.

cupcake is an initiative of the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

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Teachers can...

  • Create and monitor practice teams.
  • Assign time-limited sets of ex-competition tasks.
  • Retrieve teams' submissions for class discussion or validation.

Teams can...

  • Attempt graded tasks.
  • Submit code and test results for automated assessment.
  • Receive feedback and cumulative scores.
  • Ask for hints to help them start or progress their solutions.

181 teams submitted solutions, here's how everyone went.

Finalists were considered on the basis of tasks 1 to 5 only, though the table shows overall scores including Junior tasks. Finalists represent four states: WA (3 teams), NSW (2), Vic (2) and SA (1). The team from St Peter's College, SA (PonyJoe Express) correctly completed all tasks. Congratulations to them and all who participated.


UNSW ProgComp Committee

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If your school is interested in using cupcake, click here to register your school.

If you encounter any problems registering or require further assistance feel free to send an email to progcomp@cse.unsw.edu.au.

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